For my 100th post I am thrilled to recognize a favorite specialty shop in NYC called the Doughnuttery.  After today I have tried every single type of donut and dipping sauce on the menu except the dog biscuits.

What is the Doughnuttery?

Little cake donuts created fresh to order.  Then glazed or “shake n’ baked” in sugar combinations that were created with the help of NY pastry chefs.  If that is not enough there are five different types of dipping sauces resulting in endless combinations.

What are some of the more popular flavors?

Of course cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar are the most popular, manager Patsy says that the most popular sugar combinations are the Cacaoboy (cacao nibs, chocolate cookies, mesquite) Paris Time (lavendar, pistachio, vanilla) and Urban Monkey (coffee, banana, coconut).

How do I find the Doughnuttery?


They have no need to advertise thanks to their quality product and prime location.  Located in a small corner of the Chelsea Market they can produce thousands of donuts a day.  I also learned they have three donut makers which upon request can appear at an event or party to enjoy fresh donuts.

What is special about the little confections? IMG_3344

After speaking to Evan (owner) and Patsy(manager pictured left) I learned that they both enjoy what they do and try to reach out to the customers and create a dialogue and even a show for the patrons.  As you walk towards their nook you begin to smell the dough frying which is very reminiscent to many as variations of fried dough are present in most cultures. As you near the buzzing counter you see a spectacle of someone meticulously flipping donuts with chopsticks, and shaking the hand mixed sugars from spouted glass bottles (pictured below).  After all we eat with are eyes and in this case all senses are treated after a stop here.


How does 6By6 relate to the Doughnuttery?

I was able to relate to the small space in so many ways.  First off I was impressed to hear Patsy was able to fill an order of 1800 donuts for an event for NY Fashion week in one day in the tiny kitchen.  It also requires the staff to be extremely tidy and organized which is never a bad thing.  They do not buy a huge inventory as there is very little room for storage.  Evan says that even the tiniest bit of sugar spilled on the counter needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible as it is valuable space.  At least they are making donuts that fit the space!

Future plans?

Watch out for more Doughnuttery’s to pop up in the future. Evan seeks help where he needs it.  He says coming from finance he has looked to friends who know more about the pastry and real estate markets.  They recently treated all guests to the opening night of the “Keep Your Eye Upon The Donut” exhibit at the City Reliquary in Brooklyn(where Evan was only one of two donut shop owners to show up to personably deliver the donuts).  They will return to Broadway Bites and  Mad. Sq. Eats but the Chelsea Market location is not to be missed.  Patsy also mentioned to look out for specials for Valentine’s Day next week! Plenty of time to place an order for someone sweet in your life.

Why Go?IMG_3345

If the above does not make you want to give it a try, I love the fact that they are all dedicated to giving the customers a memorable experience.  I have been to the location too many times to count and have yet to have an unpleasant experience(although you may want to avoid weekend crowds).  Check out their website and stop by to say hi and eat a dozen donuts  as I had the fortune of doing today.

Fun Fact: They can be frozen and reheated in a toaster oven!

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Dining, Food, Fun, NYC

Keep Your Eye Upon The Donut

As mom arrives in town I had a nice egg bake to kickstart the NYC weekend.  Simple chest eggs atop a layer of hash browns baked 15 minutes before adding the eggs, caramelized onions, and cheese.  IMG_3124 IMG_3125   Then we were off running in the Jingle Bell Run where we met Santa and received lots of tasty goodies including my favorite tortilla chips.  They also gave us Lara bars which I did not enjoy at all.


After the chilly run, we thought it would only be appropriate to treat ourselves to fresh donuts.  It was opening night of the exhibit “Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut” exhibit at the City Reliquary in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  It was a very small (and stereotypical hipster) exhibit, but worth the trek for the free donuts and a delicious dinner at the nearby restaurant Rye after (where we enjoyed more donuts as part of our meal).

I have officially concluded that I enjoy Donut Plant’s unique square donuts and Peter Pan’s strawberry iced and sprinkled yeast donuts, but after all they are just fried dough.  I am partial to a fresh hot off the press donut and something more interesting than a vanilla, chocolate or maple glazed donut. This was only achieved by the masters behind the  Doughnuttery.  They make all donuts fresh to order and cover with the glaze or sugar combo of your choice(the options are very interesting and tasty).  They come in orders of 6 clocking in at nearly $1 a pop, but they are much better than their bite size cupcake equivalent Baked By Melissa.IMG_3147

Cheers to the donut! Here we are testing the Peter Pan donuts and above I was literally keeping my eye upon the donut.

So ready to have the whole Klinger clan return to the big city for the holidays!