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Thanksgiving Cranberry Relish

Happy Thanksgiving!

IMG_3570Thanks to I learned a wealth of information about the berries.  First of all they were found first in North America by the native americans so they really are a true American symbol.  I thought I would get some pre thanksgiving practice by making a batch of cranberry sauce.  It was also a personal challenge by George who claims cranberry sauce is one of the most researched recipes.  I went a step further by canning it for shipping.  I stuck with the back of the bag recipe with a little added hint of ginger which I read in a recipe from epicurious.  I must admit it is such an easy recipe, I would definitely make this for a turkey feast just to impress the guests.  

Simply boil a 12oz bag of cranberries with 1C sugar and 2tsp minced ginger.  Continue to cook until the sugar begins to caramelize stirring frequently until the cranberries are slightly broken (not mushy).


canned and ready for shipment


One thought on “Thanksgiving Cranberry Relish

  1. Hi Ashley! Thank you for the amazingly delicious coconut shortbread cookies! It was such a surprise to recive them on my door step! We were at a very good friend’s funeral and coming home to these brightened my day! I can’t wait to make them for my kids! I love your blog and am so happy to connect! Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas to you! Nettie from Moore or Less Cooking Food Blog ❤

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