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FB Cookie Swap- Chocolate Chip Cookies


10301299_835946469769198_604575516916539613_nIt’s that time of year again.  I signed up for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap after a successful 2014 swap.  Just a small donation to children cancer and an active blog gives you a ticket into the most joyous exchange of the year.  In honor of signing up, todays post is dedicated to the cookie.b1667bc

ATK perfect cookie

I attempted to make the perfect cookie as a part of a contest to remake America’s Test Kitchen’s chocolate chip cookies which they claim to be the best.  I have remade the chocolate chip cookie several times and still swear by the back of the package (which is why I am only posting photos and not the recipe).  The changes included reducing some of the white sugar for brown sugar, adding one whole egg plus one egg yolk, and baking them larger than a traditional cookie to achieve a crispy exterior with a chewy middle.  They also melted the butter before beating with the sugars (which is what I believe is what led to their demise).I had to add nearly a cup of additional flour to achieve a cookie batter thick enough to hold its shape.  I am not sure what went wrong for me on this recipe, but they ended up alright thanks to the flour addition.  For the last time… stick with the recipe on the back of the bag!

The runny batter!

The runny batter!


Additional flour

Additional flour

Hot cookies

Hot cookies

Comparing three batches

Comparing three batches (first on the left)



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