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Cooking with Dice Part 2

25386_zoom1I get to travel and spend time with friends and family a lot over the summer and this time I rolled the dice with my sister and her boyfriend.  We rolled a list of ingredients that pair extremely well together.  I was just thrilled to get to use the grill which in my three night trip to Ohio I grilled every night.  Here are the results….


Green Beans






We ended up grilling two different types of fish (the mahi mahi is not pictured) and paired it with grilled zucchini, a whole grain rice mom luckily had in the cupboard, and of course green beans.

TIP: I was thrilled to get both lemons and fish as I read that placing fish on top of lemon slices while grilling enables the fish to cook through without it sticking to the grill.

I also tend to caramelize onions when I know I will be cooking for several people as they can be used with anything from meats to a salad topper.  In this case we added them to the snapped and blanched green beans and of course added lemon and oregano because those were our special ingredients.

This was a simple meal but a lot of fun to make thanks to my foodie dice (holla cousin Amy:)

Next post is everything Ohio! and there was a LOT of cooking to be had there!


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