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The Perfect Crepe

I have been working diligently attempting to make an easy and healthy crepe for breakfast.  I went a step further attempting a breakfast on the go method.. here’s what I found.  A basic crepe needs only three things FLOUR-EGGS-MILK (similar to making pasta).  That made testing more fun switching  ingredients easily. I found that altering the type of milk and eggs did not affect the crepe’s cooking.  That means feel free to use whole milk, eggs, and white flour, or as a lighter option you can use egg whites, whole wheat flour, and unsweetened almond milk for a crepe clocking in at only 50 calories.  I did a test run with coconut flour which failed miserably (sorry for those gluten free folks)

Crepe Folding: I used to fold in both sides to the center, but found that folding in half both directions resulted in the best filling holder.

Crepe Cooking: I have always stuck with the same format.  I lift a hot greased 10” skillet and swirl while pouring 1/4 cup batter.  I cook about 2 minutes on the first side and only a minute on the latter.

Storing and Reheating: I found they do not change texture when reheated so I enjoy making the whole batch and before filling and eating.  I even tested filling a day early and packing to reheat the next day which works very well.

Filling: For dessert I always default to berries with whipped cream, cinnamon and sugar, make syrup, powdered sugar, and chocolate chips.  For a more savory crepe I find any sort of cheese with mushrooms, herbs, spinach or sun dried tomatoes works best.

Ingredients (Makes about 6 crepes)IMG_2298

3/4C Milk

1/2C Flour

3 eggs

pinch of salt

Whisk together all ingredients to form a loose batter.

Heat and grease a 10″ skillet several minuted before adding batter.

Pour 1/4C batter onto pan while simultaneously swirling the pan with alternate pan until thinly coated.

Cook 2 minutes or until first side is golden brown and releases easily from the pan.

Repeat the process until all crepes are made and fill.

another batch of crepes

another batch of crepes

practice crepe stack

practice crepe stack



my favorite folding technique

my favorite folding technique

my idea of the most beautifully plated crepe

my idea of the most beautifully plated crepe


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