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Slaw Part 1- Cucumber Carrot Salad

I had plans of making traditional slaw in honor of Memorial Day weekend, but was given some leftover carrots and cucumber so I decided to make both.   I also wanted to make use of my new spiralizer only to find it is very difficult to spiralize a carrot so I used my “carrot pencil sharpener” I bought in Europe last summer.  

This is also part of a marathon post of four different recipes all using up similar ingredients.  Most of the recipes only called for 1T of cilantro, 1 clove of garlic, and 1 inch piece of ginger.  This was my chance to create different meals using up ALL of my leftovers.

IMG_26211 spiralized cucumber

1C carrots, shredded or spiralized (about 2)

1tsp minced ginger

1tsp sriracha or hot sauce

1tsp soy sauce

1Tblsp lemon juice

salt to taste

I like the 1:1:1 ratio of this recipe.  I also like that there are no other directions than to combine all the ingredients and let it rest so all the flavors settle in the veggies.  I drained some of the cucumber juices after resting.




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