Food, Fun, Sweets

and a Happy New Year with Donuts

I know it is a few days past the new year and I also know most parole start posting more healthy recipes this time of year, but I happen to have an influx of treats to share.  To kick off the new year, I treated everyone to Klinger’s Krispy Kreme’s.  Although I have posted this before, I love this so I am posting with some new pictures with a powdered sugar frosting.  Cheers to a great new year and more sweets recipes to come!

Prepped biscuit dough

Prepped biscuit dough

Simply cut out the centers of a canned biscuit dough with the cap from the oil container.

Puffing and bubbling

Puffing and bubbling

Heat oil until hot but not smoking so the donuts bubble around the edges

Puffed and golden

Puffed and golden

Flip when puffed and golden *Careful because if the oil is too hot middle will not cook and outside will burn

Roll in cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar to serve!

Powdered and ready to serve

Powdered and ready to serve


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