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The Flavor Thesaurus Experiment

The Thesaurus revealed!

The Thesaurus revealed!

The Flavor Thesaurus is a book which breaks down foods by categories (earthy, mustardy, marine etc) then further breaks down into foods and what flavors pair well with each ingredient.   I asked two testers to pick a category and a number in each.  They chose Brine and Salt and Spicy.  Then I left the rest a secret only allowing them to pick a number (4) which was Prosciutto and Nutmeg.  I then had the challenge of creating a dish with both ingredients.  I also had the first butternut squash of the season from my grandpa’s garden and thought I should incorporate that since it fits in the flavor profile of the other ingredients.

There is only one time of year when both summer and winter squash are in season and that would be now so I decided to steam a yellow summer squash, a head of cauliflower, and a butternut squash.  I sautéed the butternut squash in a bit of olive oil for a little added flavor and then boiled in 4C water before pureeing.  I pureed the other ingredients with salt (my homemade salt with fennel and lemon zest) pepper, and almond milk before adding to the squash.  I was a little nervous to add too much nutmeg, so I only added a dash to the puree then when topping it off with crispy prosciutto I added a bit more.  IMG_0919

In conclusion I can see this puree under a seared filet or if I add a little more stock and milk, a winter soup.  I am pretty proud of this one as I did not use any sort of recipe to help me out!

Big shoutout to Aubrey and George for their help!



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