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Roma, Italy and Orvietto

Roma part 1

so much gelato so little time with my sis

so much gelato so little time

By the time we arrived in Rome we were ready for Gelato (only from Giolittis) and some pasta and pizza.  We also switched from an all beer to all wine diet.  We even took a wine tasting class in the small town of Orvieto.  As I recalled from my last visit to Italy, all of the pasta was extremely flavorful and slightly al dente and the pizza was thin and crispy (although some were better than others).  I had amazing gnocchi pillows and bruscetta, but they lacked in a few areas.  It was so hard to find fresh vegetables and the white bread served with every meal was lacking any flavor (with the exception of one restaurants warm foccacia).  I also did not prefer the macchiato shots (which literally means “stained” with cream or milk)as they did not have drip coffee and when ordering tea (forget about finding iced tea) we were given such small cups it was empty in only a few sips.

My gelato man

My gelato man

first night gelato

first night gelato

Another fun aspect of Rome was the underground city of Orvieto where there were remains of stones used to grind olives into olive oil around the 5th century BC.  They also continue to cook roast pigeon whose holes remained in the walls of the underground city (gross I know).  Here is a little glimpse into the trip to Orvieto and my sister and I goofing off while tasting fine Umbrian wine.


In part two some roman cooking tips I learned while abroad and a glimpse into the most amazing day of cooking ever!

amazing gnocchi

amazing gnocchi

clearly delicious pizza after

clearly delicious pizza after

First night pizza before

First night pizza


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