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Travel Treasures- Prague

Some of my favorite foods in my travel came from Prague. The Czech Republic is a much more temperate country than I thought so they served hearty warm dishes often.  Some interesting things I found was that the beer was less expensive than the water and the soup was always served in a breadbowl.  The traditional dishes included a meat, dumplings, and pickled vegetables.  My favorite combination was the rabbit with potato dumplings and spinach with gravy.  Basically anything that pairs well with beer you can find in Prague.  We had a pickled cheese (which I thought needed some sort of bread) and a toast with garlic and beer cheese.

Our first meal


pickled cabbage, pork, and bread dumplings


Duck, pickled cabbage, potato and bread dumplings


pickled cheese to start our first meal

Favorite Meal


my personal favorite meal rabbit, potato dumplings, and spinach


beef soup in a bread bowl


cabbage pancakes

The most surprising part of Prague was the Bakeshop which was recommended to me as well as popping up in my internet research.  We had amazing quiche, asparagus soup, croissants, brownies, breads, cookies, juices, and chicken skewers.  This is the only place we made a point to return to as well as the most expensive place to dine (although no meal was expensive).


beautiful and tasty tomato and goat cheese quiche

IMG_0565 IMG_0589

There was also great street food from the footlong kielbasa to the freshly fried potato chips.  The only disappointing thing was the lack of breakfast.  The locals must party too hard to be able to wake up in time for that!





The only way to describe this amazing treat is through wiki.  We enjoyed the one lined with nutella most.



As prague has the highest beer consumption per capita, it is only fitting to say we enjoyed quite a bit of Pilsner on the trip.  A light beer which has been brewing since the 13th century.  My favorite was the x33 beer from U Medvicu.

IMG_0556 IMG_0563

…and then we took a shot of flaming absinth…the end



One thought on “Travel Treasures- Prague

  1. JC says:

    Wow what a fun and informative article! Great that you used some really cool pictures too…made me hungry and wanting to be in Prague!

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