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Airplane Meals

I have a lot to report after a long venture of food and fun in Rome and Prague.  I had some amazing food and some not so amazing meals.  I figured I would start with the airplane meal compilents of Are Lingus.  I am not going to lie it is an art to create meals for an airline and I was quite impressed with the quality of a meal on the airplane.  On the way to Dublin where we stopped before heading to Rome, I had the choice between a shepherds pie and a spicy chicken with steamed rice.  I chose the latter and thoroughly enjoyed it with a side salad and a white dinner roll with butter.  The triple brownie for dessert was actually really good.  I forgot to take a picture of this one.IMG_0735IMG_0736


Cottage Pie option

In my mind the key to a successful airplane meal is to unwrap and plate the meal before plunging in.  Oh and if anyone is considering the “special” meal for an upgrade steer clear because the only plus side is you eat on actual dinnerware and a little bottle of wine.  On the way home I got the chicken tikka which was overcooked as it was heated to such a high temperature I had to wait before eating.  I moved onto the “spicy vegetable couscous salad” which was not spicy but had good flavor.  Digestive biscuits were good but they are better when they are dipped in chocolate.



The “breakfast service” was comical as they served us “flapjacks” basically chocolate chip granola bars and milk, but by then I was getting a bit motion sick and had no appetite for that and saved it for later.

Aside from the aquardness of the atmosphere eating next to a stranger with a TV in my face and drinking water out of an applesauce container I say the airlines are doing pretty well.  Oh and the extra legroom in the exit row was an added bonus for someone with lots of legs to deal with.



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