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Talking Hash (not #hashtag)

#Hash: a coarse mixture of ingredients.

So technically meat is not required making my simple sweet potato and zucchini a hash.

Well this could be a new addiction of mine.  I love eggs because you can really add any flavors and spices you desire.  You can make them vegetarian or full of meat.  Hash is similar in the sense that it usually contains meat, but can easily be replaced with and spices and veggies imaginable.  For my first taste, I went simple yet spicy.  I love sweet potatoes, and I decided to pick up some zucchini to pair with it.  No need to peel the skin it adds a little something (and health experts claim it adds extra nutrition as well).  I just made sure to dice the ingredients the same size.  Next time I plan on adding some sort of sausage or chorizo, and pairing it with eggs; although quinoa would also be a good pairing.


Spice mixture

  • #paprika
  • #cumin
  • #s/p
  • #chili powder

Sauté spiced potatoes in olive oil for 5-10 minutes before adding zucchini.  If adding meat i would brown and cook the meat first, then brown the potatoes and other veggies in saute pan once meat is removed.

Best enjoyed when adding hot sauce, eggs, or cheese!


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