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Free People Fail

As many on social media have already announced, the clothing company Free People just released a new line of ‘ballet” clothes featuring a girl who has no clue how to tie a pointe shoe, miraculously misses her boxes of both shoes while dancing, and sickles her biscuits which are highlighted as closeups in a seemingly too high-def video.  It shocks me that clearly no one from corporate or casting put an end to this before embarrassing themselves to the world.  Here is the link for you to see for yourselves.

Now I know this is a bit harsh, but hey the truth and frustrating for the countless dancers in the country who have put countless hours into their training and would have donned the clothes beautifully.

Also since everything must relate back to food and we are not all perfect here is an example when things do not go your way in the kitchen.  Hey we all make mistakes after all.  The pressure got to this spaghetti squash where I clearly did not prick it enough before nuking.

IMG_0167 IMG_0166

And for anyone in Orlando come see real dance, puppetry, live music, and artistry combined at the Fringe in Henson’s “Flight”


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