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Mullberries and Markets

IMG_0346I once thought mulberries were only a part of a nursery rhyme, but after spending some time in Orlando, I found the real deal.  I planned on looking into recipes and baking with them, however I ate half of the mason jar after simply singing them.  They seem to be a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.  They are tricky to pick without dropping and they will stain your hands and shoes as you pick them.  Too bad they cannot be found easily in NYC because they are great in smoothies and oatmeal as well.  Plus they were free!

I headed to two farmers markets this weaken.  First, the Winter Park farmers market where I headed straight for the kettle corn stand.   It is simply the best fresh from the fair or market, but if you want it to last longer a good tip is to put it in the freezer and it stays crisp for months.  Then I went to the Lake Eola market where I tried a boiled peanut (pretty gross in my opinion) as well as an almond croissant.


IMG_0350I also picked fresh herbs and spinach out of the backyard garden for a flavorful salad.  I also added Hoja Santa (root beer leaves) which I crisped in the oven.



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