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Girl Scout Secret Brownie

Brownies are a great treat to enjoy, however in my opinion they need some sort of addition to punch up the flavor and texture, otherwise you are left with an un-iced dense cake.  Even the simple addition of chocolate chips, powdered sugar, nuts, or icing will do the trick.  My personal favorite from growing up is to add peanut butter chips to the batter which inspired this post as I just made a batch of those last night now that Trader Joe’s sells PB chips.  


In my case thin mint cookies were the hidden ingredient.  I used a simple traditional batter and layered half before adding the cookies then another layer on top to completely cover the cookies.  I have seen this done with oreos and plan on trying that next.  They were delicious as the cookie softened during baking, but gave the brownies a kick of flavor.  You can even use a box mix  and take the credit for them being homemade. 


they look like normal brownies


but the secret is hidden inside


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