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Macaron Day NYC

A perfect sunny start to spring was  accompanied with a sugar high.  Macaron day in its simplest terms means a free macaron just for walking in the door of 20 locations across the city.  On my walk to work I made it to seven of the locations.   This is one of the many reasons NYC is one of a kind.  Conclusion I still do not get the macaron craze although I did have opinions.

Stop #1 Bouchon Bakery- Nutella

Worst of the bunch.  Great chocolate flavor, but was too chewy.


Stop #2 Francois Payard Bakery- Vanilla

I fortunately had a choice here and went for the treat in its most basic flavors.  Nothing to write home about.



Stop#3 FP Patisserie- Pistachio

It was my first time entering the Todd English food hall and I would like to return for more, but not crazy about the bright green food coloring in the macaron.


Stop #4 Macaron Cafe 1 Passionfruit

I just asked what they recommended because they had the most flavors to choose from by far.  It was a bit odd but good.


Stop #5 Mad Mac- Apricot

Disappointed by the famous chef Florian Bellanger’s shop as it was a little bite size macaron and the filling was literally jelly.  Maybe that is what he was going for.


Stop #6 Eclair Bakery- Pistachio

This was the best of the bunch.  I forgot to take a snapshot of this one, but it was the best texturally.  I would have liked to try some of the other treats and croissants if I ever find myself in the neighborhood again.



Stop #7 Macaron Cafe 2- Earl Grey

It was approaching lunch hour and this was the only time there was a line outside the door.  It was also such a bad macaron I had to throw it out after two bites and dying my lips purple because of all of the artificial colors.





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