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Dump’d Mac n Cheese

Lately I have loved making extra sauce for a dish… parmesan pea puree, parmesan butternut squash sauce, marinara etc.I hate buying fresh parsley, basil, mint etc for a recipe then letting it go bad in the fridge because the rest of the week is spent on quick microwave meals. Prepping and chopping veggies and herbs is not a convenience.  I have been prepping sauces and spreads in large batches and using them on for several dishes.  My mint parmesan pea puree paired well with the green tea poached chicken I made as well as eggs, sweet potatoes, and quinoa.  I also made a cranberry dressing for cabbage slaw which also worked in place of a citrusy vinaigrette on salads.  I attempted to make a simple onion dip using greek yogurt; however I would recommend the sour cream version (don’t let anyone fool you in this case that greek yogurt tastes just as good because it doesn’t).  

After my sauce discovery, I was thrilled to have leftover parmesan butternut squash puree. I found many recipes for mac n cheese using squash puree so I created my own dish using leftovers from other meals.  The only thing I had to buy was a point of elbow macaroni.  I will not give an exact recipe for this as I did little measuring.  I followed the base recipe from a magazine featuring Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese.  Although Mine did not have sweet potatoes, the squash was my substitution.

Ingredients (well most of them)

  • Carmelized onions
  • Squash puree
  • Parmesean Butternut Squash Sauce
  • Parmesean
  • 2.5 C grated cheese
  • 2.5 C milk (I used Almond)
  • 1 lb macaroni
  • 3/4C Cauliflower florets broken into small pieces
  • mustard
  • salt/pepper
  • panko breadcrumbs
  • parsley

After cooking the pasta until al dente, I incorporated the rest of the ingredients into a pot then put all the leftovers in containers so I could have a fresh batch every time. Basically just dump it all in! IMG_3465

Before baking my portion every day, I added cheese and panko to the top of a ramekin filled with the mac.  The only thing I would change is to really under boil the pasta (only 5 min).  I would also add more kick with some franks red hot.  Also be sure not to skimp out on liquid as it dries out significantly when reheated and after baking.

IMG_3466 IMG_0005 IMG_0004Here are three different attempts at the dish.  I added extra caramelized onions to the middle mac and I used cheese crackers as a topping for the latter two.


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