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Salivation Sunday- Red Farm

I had the chance to dine at the dim sum hotspot in NYC RedFarm (UWS Location). http://redfarmnyc.com

This is one of those places in NYC that you would think are giving away free meals because seats at the table are hard to get.  Did I mention it was a random Wednesday evening? I was fortunate to have some hook-ups and was whisked promptly to a table.  The service was undeniably some of the best I have ever had.  The atmosphere is casual and fun with rustic community tables.  Speaking of community, I found the best way to enjoy the meal is sharing plates with a friend.  This is exactly what I did.


Smoked salmon and eggplant “bruschetta”- This is far from a bruschetta as it comes warm on a mysteriously fried base.  Delicious nonetheless.


This was my personal favorite: shrimp and snow pea leaf dumplings.  These came promptly after finishing our first bites accompanied with a fantastic ginger dipping sauce.  So glad we each had two of these.


Next was the most  fun to eat.  It was the special of the evening. The truffled chicken soup dumplings were like soup in a sack!


Look at that presentation.  We eat with our eyes after all.  These were actually just mushroom and veggie spring rolls, but they came hot and fresh and definitely not ordered from restaurant depot!


Last was the steamed branzino fillet with mapo tofu.  The fish was very spicy which I enjoyed offsetting the sweet mapo glaze.  We also ordered a side fried rice with veggies, but I was too excited to dig in and forgot to take a picture.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant but do not expect a light nigh on your wallet or waste line.  I was not impressed with any of the dessert options so a glass of wine did the trick!



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