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Toast to Dani Girl and Speculoos Truffles

I had the chance to see an amazing show and evening of theater at EPBB’s most recent show Dani Girl.  Part one of the evening is a cocktail and conversation hour where invited guests bring libations, part two is the 90 minute show and dinner cooked and served by cast members, and part three is an afterparty with desserts and a cabaret.  The entire evening is a pay-what-you-can deal where you are only asked to bring a dessert or drink to share.  This is where 6 by 6 comes into play.

IMG_3151IMG_3152The pictures are a little hard to see how amazing it was, but you can see the huge pot of vegetables over a bed of rice and spicy sauce served with homemade beer bread.  This was all part of the kickoff to start eating more international foods.


I could not decide whether to bring my speculoos cookie truffles (which continue to be refined to perfection) or the cranberry cheesecake bars, so I brought both.  While waiting in line for the bathroom I overheard people saying how amazing the truffles were  as they were placed on a platter with all of the other desserts of the evening. They were devoured and only one cranberry cheesecake bar was leftover by the end of the night.  I would say that they were a success as well as EPBB’s amazing theater company. Thank You!

This time the speculoos (AKA crunchy cookie butter) balls include rolling the chilled dough in melted chocolate , and rolling in crushed speculoos cookies.

I will return next week with more recipes as I head back to my itty bitty kitchen!


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