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Conflict Kitchen and International Cuisines


Since I am in Pittsburgh for most of the month, I decided to challenge myself and try different international cuisines.  I have not gotten around to many, but i had the chance to eat Vietnamese, Thai, Asian, and North Korean so far.

I had the chance to go to a really cool eatery in Pittsburgh called Conflict Kitchen whose menu reflects an area in which the US is in conflict with at the time.   Currently North Korean food is highlighted on the menu.  I tried some of the cucumber salad as well as the bibimbop featuring fresh veggies (most of which I was not familiar with) atop a bed of rice with a spicy sauce.



I have been enjoying international cuisines and plan on trying Indian and Ethiopian next.  I enjoyed pho soup and fresh vietnamese summer rolls the best.  Note that all of the summer rolls I have had have been prepared without avocado as most grocers prepare them.  I enjoyed the Asian hot pot the least, but it may have been a fault of the restaurant I chose.  Thai curries are nice and it is fun the pick the spiciness levels.  I found most dishes include a rice or noodle with vegetables and a protein covered in sauce or in a broth.  To be honest I wish I were introduced to international flavors earlier.  I have learned a lot just by eating the new foods, so give it a go and try it, or at least challenge yourself to use chopsticks for a meal!


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