Fun, NYC

Final Countdown 2013 Roundup New Years NYC

IMG_3222 IMG_3221 IMG_3219

I could walk outside and watch that famous ball drop in times square miserable, cold and hungry.  I could also pay premium prices of $350 to dine at Applebee’s.  I have an even better tradition of running in the midnight 4 mile run in Central Park.  One of the best events of the year and what a great way to start the year off even if it is freezing outside the jog warms us right up.  This year I attended a cooking class at the Sur La Table where I made mussels for the first time ever.  The class was full of spanish tapas, but my favorite was probably how simple it was to make homemade flatbread.  

IMG_3177As the year came to an end I ended very grateful for many things family, work, home and the cronut.  Yes I finally had the chance to try a cronut (the cross between the croissant and donut from Dominique Ansel’s Bakery) and I didn’t even have to wait in line for one. They only have one flavor a month and I had the December feature of Valrhona Chocolate Champagne.  I must say it was great, but the bakery has so many other great creations such as fresh madelines and croissants, however I was not impressed with their savory menu FYI. 



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