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2013 Roundup- Christmas Day Feasts and Festivities

As it was a little difficult to cook with so many guests I had a few rules on christmas day

  • Stick with what you know: I only made recipes I have made in the past and planned.
  • Packaged foods are good too: Although it is nice to make cinnamon rolls fresh, i took it easy and bought a tin in the refrigerator so all I had to do was bake them (and make extra frosting as they never seem to have enough.
  • Prep ahead: This is no shocker, but I made some of the food the day before and picked a soup that tastes better after sitting in the fridge overnight.
  • Family time: Christmas is about spending time WITH the family so I didn’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen, so i delegated tasks so we were ALL in the kitchen:)


We started the day with Traders Joe’s jumbo cinnamon rolls with extra frosting, bacon, fresh coffee, and smoked salmon in cucumber cups with dill dressing and capers.

After breakfast we opened gifts.  This year I received a cookbook as well as made a cookbook full of recipes my family enjoyed over the past year. It was a foodie Christmas in honor of the blog:)

IMG_3206I also had to make something foodie, but realized I cannot top the famous Klinger turtles so I went savory.  I made a fresh lemon fennel sea salt which I think tasted pretty good.  I ground up dehydrated lemon zest with fennel seeds, course, sea salt, and a bit of dried rosemary.  It doesn’t photograph well so I decided to leave that picture out.  Although I did put them in cute glass containers.

Our Christmas dinner started with my creamy cauliflower soup which I made the day before, Rachael Ray’s fancy mac and cheese (which my sister was delegated as master), and ended with a simple apple pie.  The hit was definitely the mac and cheese as the apple pie crumble was a little lackluster.



And that folks is a simple Christmas dinner for four in my teeny tiny 6 feet wide kitchen!


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