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2013 Roundup- Christmas Eve

I have been enjoying the end of the year festivities and holidays so much it is about time to get back to blogging.  Starting on Christmas Eve my little 6 ft. kitchen was extremely busy packed with a full family of four for 24 hours.  In true New York style, my floor hosted a Christmas Eve party for guests to scatter into three different apartments.  We made two addicting dips.  Both the classic buffalo chicken dip and my light funfetti dip were a part of the spread along with some Molly’s cupcakes and other little bites.  These dips were the perfect idea as they were simple and both devoured in one night.  

Let the festivities begin


Buffalo Chicken Dip Tips

Just take the recipe from the website and put in separate ramekins or baking dishes to keep the dip fresh (if you do not have a crockpot).  
Add extra cheese don’t be shy.
Use a sturdy chip that can stand up to the hearty dip.



Skinny Funfetti Dip Tips

Use the whole container of cool whip.  Why bother measuring out a cup and a half when a whole container tastes just as good?
Cinnamon sugar pita chips pair well with the dip as well as any plain vanilla wafer type cookie.
Keep chilled until just before serving as it contains yogurt.
Note: 1 batch makes a LOT of dip.


Everyone arrived in NYC on time and enjoyed a very merry party!

David’s Tea 24 days of tea roundup!

Christmas eve also marked the end to the 24 days of tea.  Below are the results

14. cinnamon rooibos chai- the only chai of the bunch.  I like this one and is different from a traditional chai because it doesn’t have caffeine.

15. Earl Grey- One of my favorites to give me a little caffeine kick in the morning.  I really want to make a Chai latte with this as the base.

16. Main Squeeze- A Mate tea which I enjoy but this has added exotic fruity flavors.

17. Cream of Earl Grey- Okay so I thought the earl grey was good but a simple everyday tea.  This has added flavors of marigold and cornflowers.  This is a special tea I am glad to have tried.

18. Buddahs Blend- Okay this one is my all time favorite as it bloomed the most and gave a full yet delicate flavor.

19. Read My Lips- similar to some of the other black teas with chocolate.  A little too sweet for my liking but fun for the holidays.

20. Vanilla Orchid- An oolong with vanilla.  Big blooms from tea leaves with a lot of flavor.  I find this one puzzling because it lacks the vanilla aroma.

21. Chocolate Orange- A black chocolate tea with orange, I am dreading this one. Not as bad as it sounds after all.

22. Sleigh Ride- Sweet fruity decaf tea reminds me of a few of the others in the box

23. Gingerbread- interested to try this one with a Rooibos base and made in the USA

24. Santas Secret- The last day has come.  A nice black tea with mint I have had before.   It is pretty with the added touch of candy cane sprinkles;however they are really not necessary for taste

Results: Favorite black Cream of Earl Grey Day 17

Favorite green Buddah’s Blend Day 18

Favorite herbal Mothers Little Helper Day 11



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