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Cranberry Fail

Fresh Cranberry Upsidedown Cake

Not so picture perfect


Earlier in the season there was a cranberry festival here in NYC (Rockefeller Center) with a bog and giveaways.  I attended only to find it was pretty much over, but I did get to try a fresh cranberry for the first time.


After some research I found that these berries last a long time in the fridge and even longer if frozen.  Yes they are tart, but like an acidic lemon with the addition of enough sugar can be a great addition to a dessert.  Well I was inspired and bought a bag with no clear plan of what to make.  Since I had never made an upside-down cake before, I figured it would be a great test.  I thought a super sweet simple cake would offset the tart cranberries.


I adapted the recipe from Cooking Light

Even after melting brown sugar and butter in a pan, it was not enough of a glaze for the cranberries.  Needless to say, I was not so proud of this recipe but I refuse to throw out any leftovers.  I then moved combined the cake with a frosting and rolled it into cake balls coated in coconut flakes.  Still a failure.  The rest ended up in the trash.



Davids 24 Days of Tea Examined

6. Genmaicha- Light in color with a toasty flavor.  For the true green tea lover.  Simply green tea and toasted rice.  Caution tea is very fine and debris falls through even a fine mesh filter!

7. Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait- Another very pleasing tea with a bright pink color from natural sources.  Hibiscus tea base very enjoyable decaf tea.

8. Mango Madness- One of my personal favorites.  Not sure if fruity is just my thing, but I really enjoyed the lightly caffeinated white tea.

9. Silk Dragon Jasmine- Another green tea I enjoyed even more than day six.  Plus tea leaves are bigger so they do not fall through the filter.

10. Coffee Cake- Black tea very different from any of the above.  Dark in color and sweet in flavor.

11.Mothers Little Helper- Nice herbal tea.  Minty chamomile I enjoyed as a late night tea.

12. Kokomo Green-  The greens just keep getting better.  This is a green tea with added flavor of exotic fruits as well as flower petals.

13. Glitter and Gold-  My least favorite tea so far.  A dark black tea with added sugar crystals for presentation.  On a plus side it is a very presentational tea with gold balls and sugar crystal sparkles.


Tomorrow a cranberry success just in time for a special guest!


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