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Pumpkin Post 3- Savory Seed Pesto

Well for the third and final pumpkin post (for now) I thought I would go a more savory route.  I also thought it would be more economical to use the seeds as everyone makes use of the rest of the winter squash.

I took the basic recipe for this from Whole Foods, but of course I was not about to go out to the store and buy all the ingredients I didn’t have so I worked with what I had.  TIP: I learned to preserve brightness in pesto to add spinach or parsley to the basic basil as it will not oxidize like basil does and will still allow the flavor of the basil to shine through.

IMG_2905In this case, the recipe called for a cup of cilantro and I did not have much so to add bulk, I added frozen and thawed spinach to the base.  I also replaced pumpkin seeds with the leftover acorn and spaghetti squash seeds I roasted (375 degrees for 15 minutes).

Roasted Squash Seed Pesto

2T Lemon juice
1C spinach
2T oil
1/2 C roasted and salted seeds
4 cubes of Cilantro
3 cloves of garlic

REDO TIP: For the next go around, I would probably look into really mincing the pesto even finer which may require more wet ingredients.

To put the pesto to use I pan fried a tilapia filet which I lathered in the pesto for a crunchy exterior.  I paired it with spaghetti squash.  Although I thought it would be a great meal, I was underwhelmed by this one so i will call it a rustic approach to a fancy meal.

IMG_2906 IMG_2908Stay tuned for some serious dinner party cooking with friends as we approach the friendliest holiday of the year.



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