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Turtle Time

This time of year is known in the Klinger family as turtle time… no not the Ramona Singer “turtle time” for those who are as obsessed with the Real Housewives of NYC as I.  This recipe is so top secret and craved by people all over America and the world, so I will not reveal the recipe, rather a few pictures of the process in making ONE batch.  One batch consists of 3 lbs. of pecans and 3-4 lbs. of chocolate.  Several batches are made to accommodate the ever-growing list of lucky ones who receive this delicatessen as a special holiday treat.  The process takes several hours since the caramel is homemade.  It makes the caramelization of onions seem quick in comparison.  There are plenty more recipes to come, but I want to let this one sink in a bit because they are just that amazing!





IMG_3028Perfect little turtles all lined up and ready to be boxed! And despite the name they are vegetarian (not diet) friendly.  Tis the season!



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