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NYC My Way- Eating out in the City

I know I have been away a while, but I have been busy testing new recipes and trying so many great eateries here in NYC.  Tomorrow back to more recipes, but today just a few recommendations after such an amazing at home vacation!

Some tasty bites I have been having this weekend come from Stella 34 (cauliflower pizza was out of this world), Petrossian for some amazing smoked salmon and almond croissant, Molly’s Cupcakes because they are better than any other cupcake shop by a landslide, Bareburger for the best burger and fries yep better than Shake Shack, Sarabeths for a great breakfast, the Doughnuttery for the best bite size doughnuts hot off the press and custom sugars, Shopsins for the most interesting experience ever with a menu of over 900 items and famed documentary I Like Killing Flies, David’s Tea, and the best ever 10 Chairs… not a restaurant but rather an invite only NYC experience hosted by an idol chef of mine.


IMG_3056Here is a glimpse of the donuts at the Chelsea Market!  Unfortunately I failed to take pictures of anything else, but they all have websites full of professional pictures better than any iPhone can take.IMG_3055


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