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Apple a day 5- Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie


As far as apples are concerned apple pie is just the best way to serve them is in a pie.  I actually prefer to have them as a crisp because the pie crust never seems to have much interesting flavor and never seems to be very tasty leftover.  I had to use a pie crust th

is weekend when making an apple pie because of a great idea from Pinterest.  I sprinkled cinnamon on puff pastry ( only because I did not have pie crust and figured I would take the risk) then rolled the dough and cut into 1/4 inch segments to show the pattern through the glass pie dish.  See its pretty and presentation is one of my weak points!

IMG_3022I used 7 large apples and I could have used another!

Apple Crisp tricks and tips

I do not want to give a recipe for this sone rather suggestions as I always adapt from the base recipe and tend to make the same changes every time.  

1.  Double the spice.  I am specifically talking about the amount of cinnamon and vanilla (not necessarily nutmeg).  Why? because everyone loves the flavors.

2. Add citrus to the apples.  A little lemon or orange juice will do or even other fruits even dried.

3. Cook the apples down in a sauté pan and drain excess juices before baking.  This avoids the inevitable soggy crust ( if using one) and helps give the 100 layers of apples effect we all love in the mile high apple pie.

4. Use a crumble topping. I know we all love the look of the lattice top pie, but the sugary  crunchy texture of a crisp cannot be beat!

IMG_3029the before

IMG_3030 the afterIMG_3031

I did not even look at a recipe for this pie.  The only cheat was I wanted to be sure of the baking time which seems to be the generic 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes.  Since we had roasted pecans I added them to the crisp on top which I was also a fan of.


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