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Happy Halloween Candy Corn Eats


Well as my first halloween with a blog, I had to dedicate my first holiday to food.  I pride myself in homemade costumes, and this year was no exception.  I dressed as spaghetti and meatballs and even served spaghetti at a party. We also made mummy dogs, perfect snack for kids because they are so simple.  This recipe seems to have been around forever, but they are pretty cute.  Just wrapped crescent roll strips around a hot dog and cheese if you wish and baked.


Other halloween treats I tried were pumpkin popcorn balls with pumpkin marshmallows, candy corn, and toasted pecans, as well as chocolate chip candy corn cookies.

The popcorn balls need some work as when they cooled, they were too stiff but still tasted good.  Most recipes call for corn syrup which is probably why mine turned out so stiff because i wanted to make use of the pumpkin marshmallows and found one recipe that called for marshmallows… well now I know why!

IMG_2921 IMG_2922


I decided to place each treat in a cupcake liner which kept them all separate, but maybe a ziplock would have kept them more fresh? IMG_2924

As far as the cookies are concerned, I just added a few pieces of candy corn before baking and they turned out great.  I also hid two inside one of the dough balls for a little surprise inside which I recommend.


IMG_2926The cookie in the front has two candy corn pieces hidden inside!


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