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Apple a Day 2: Simple ApPlum sauce a la microwave

This recipe falls under the healthy, yet sweet, cooked, and pureed.  We have all enjoyed it in our lunchboxes, but this is even better.  Since I was cooking for one and only had one apple, I thought there would be less of a risk if the recipe failed.  I used a steampot, but I am sure covering a peeled and diced apple with a few spices and sugar to taste with plastic wrap will also do the trick.  Some websites also mention the ability to mash it with a fork, where I used an immersion blender which was quick and easy.

Simple ApPlum Sauce

Add cinnamon with a dash of honey.  Combine with peeled and diced apple with a little lemon juice for preservation and tang.  I also had a plum and wanted to amp up the color and flavor using a whole diced plum (do not de-skin).

Microwave 7-10 minutes and blend or mash to your liking.

This is great straight out of the pot as well as in many dishes and batters both sweet and savory.



Next post will show one way to make use of applesauce of any kind.


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