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Egg^2 (squared) plant

A little math for everyones brains this Sunday morning never hurt anyone.  I love a play on words and working with that you have so this morning I decided to take the lone pumpernickel bagel I had and pair it with eggs, eggplant, and cheese for a delicious meal.  It has become very popular for New Yorkers to get their bagels “scooped” this means to take out the middle to enjoy the crusty outerbagel with less calories.  I like it for several reasons.  First I like the crunch to my bagel, second I like the hole it creates for my toppings, third I can enjoy both halves of the bagel with less guilt.  The bagel was also free so I didn’t feel so bad about throwing any of it out.


  • Eggplant
  • Eggs (I used three whites)
  • Cheese to taste
  • Toasted Bagel

First I sliced and boiled the eggplant to soften then rubbed in spices of my liking.  This time I tried turmeric, cumin, salt, pepper.  I scrambled the eggs with white cheddar cheese and topped on my toasted bagel.  After taking the picture I removed the skin to the eggplant as it was hard to eat with the skin on.

My favorite way to prepare the eggplant is to steam or boil it until soft, peel the skin, and add salt and lemon scented olive oil!  I prefer to eat it diced up.

IMG_2745 IMG_2746


This week I have more for breakfast as I try the overnight oats sensation that seems to be hitting the food blogs lately.


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