Happy fall!  I am obsessed with the fact that there are so many great fresh fruits and veggies as fall begins.  First of all it is my half birthday so to celebrate I had to have a seasonal treat.  I had my first pumpkin munchkin from Dunkin Donuts today.  Starbucks in NYC has started carrying their famous pumpkin spice lattes, but more importantly they have new fresh pastries from La Boulange bakery in San Francisco.  They offer a variety of warm pastries including a pumpkin cheesecake croissant (which I have yet to try).  I also tried to get a head start on the season by buying the Trader Joe’s frozen pumpkin croissants.  Well maybe it was a bad omen for me because my first attempt failed miserably.  

IMG_2696I have a few ideas as to why this happened.  First I may have overproofed the croissant the night before even though that is all the instructions have you do I seemed to mess this up.  Also I transferred the croissant to the baking sheet after it rose overnight so it deflated.  Then I was excited to see it puff back up in the oven.  I put it in for the correct time (20- 25) minutes.  It said NOT to underbake so I chose to bake 22 minutes and these were my results.  All I could eat were a few pumpkin seeds.  Well I tried again and only baked it 13 minutes and my results was a flawless croissant.  I give Trader Joe’s an 8/10 on this one as a result of my first experience of sadness after waiting all night to enjoy a glorious treat.


IMG_2689 IMG_2690

This is a shot of the good croissant both before and after baking only 13 minutes.  It was crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside just as a croissant should be!  Now I am on the mission to try the best ALMOND croissant in NYC so stay tuned for that epic post.  It is a whole research project, so it is taking  quite a bit of time.  In the coming weeks I will be highlighting fresh fall produce with an emphasis on apples which everyone seems to love in some sort of way!


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Fall Fresh Pumpkin Croissant


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