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Beet it kimchi- Fresh beets and greens

Okay so after dipping EVERYTHING in Gyoza and pairing everything with Kimchi, I am ready for a change.

IMG_2473I even paired the kimchi with quinoa for a quick healthy lunch!

I went to TJ’s as usual to pick up some fish.  Well lets clarify, I bought the cheapest one and it tasted the cheapest, but still have two filets left and I refuse to throw out any food.  I want to give it another shot because after folowwing the instructions on the package, it seemed overcooked.

I also needed a veggie with the meal so to round this one off I went to the farmers market at the corner of my street and decided to buy whatever looked fresh.  I found a HUGE bunch of beets for $3.  I decided it would be a great pairing with the colorless fish.  The only other issue was that I bought beets with the stems and need to use those up.  I steamed the beets separately from the leaves which I sauteed in a pan with some salt, pepper, red wine vinegar, and garlic.  After reading more into beets, I do not understand why we do not eat the leaves more often as they carry even more nutrients than the beets themselves.

IMG_2604From top left: Poached fish with herbs and lemon.  Beet leaves uncooked.  Beet leaves and beets raw.  Beet leaves after sautee, fish with a side of sweet beets and sauteed tart beet leaves.


Plate thawed white fish covered in herbs ( I used sage), garlic, lemon, salt and pepper.  Microwave 3 minutes and let sit 1 minute.  I found mine was overcooked and would cook no more than 2 minutes.

Sautee beet leaves in pan with the same flavors until wilted about 12 minutes.  Steam beets (they can be baked in foil but ti takes much longer) until soft 5-7 minutes in the microwave already diced.

I also used up the last of my Asian week leftovers by pairing this dish with some caramelized onions and rice noodles.


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