Don’t knock it til you try it!

As many know I am obsessed with egg whites.  I tried the frozen patties, and realized they are an overpriced and quite frankly overcooked version of something I can make very easily at home.  I love microwave scrambled eggs,but egg patties or omelettes I have never tried.  The trick is using cling wrap and essentially poaching the eggs.


I wanted the most simple form of eggs before getting fancy so I cooked some veggies and cheese that would normally be in the omelette ahead of time.  Then I placed the “poached” egg white overtop and voila a quick bite that is absolutely delicious.

I cooked the egg whites with a little bit of sage, salt, and pepper and cooked for three minutes.  Lets be honest, the meals we get at most chain restaurants come frozen or premade where they are heated in their microwave ovens and served  to us with some sort of “fresh garnish.”


This makes for a quick breakfast or anytime dish that is healthy and delicious.  It can be premixed the night before if you really wish.  It would be a quick bite to make before heading to the voting booths tomorrow.


cling and zap- Microwave omelette


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