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Sweet potato fries is an item that when I see it on a menu I ALWAYS order them.  Earlier in the summer I took on the challenge of making homemade gnocchi.  This time I bought fresh sweet potato gnocchi and in this case with I used plain gnocchi.  This time of year there are so many fresh flavorful herbs and veggies I did not need the additional flavor of sweet potato like I thought I did.  Now don’t get me wrong it was great, just too complex in my opinion.  I placed a basil leaf on the dish to prove how huge they were in the garden.  Although I do not have an exact recipe I did copy a blueprint of another recipe which included even more ingredients!  I used balsamic vinegar,basil, tomatoes, wilted spinach, garlic, onion, goat cheese, and gnocchi.  I plan on making more gnocchi as the temperature drops when in need of a more hearty dish so in the meantime go ahead and eat other goodies and explore and experiment even if it could be even better.

In the meantime enjoy some sweet potato fries.  Trader Joe’s has them frozen as both fries and tater tots and they are both great!

Basil Tip: Always add the fresh herbs at the very end so they keep flavor and brightness of color.



Gnocchi on the side


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