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This is a big deal for me 50 posts I thought this day would never come.   I thought my blog would last as long as the domain name I bought several years ago called  yep that was my idea to write about every food factory in America and rate them based off of how fun the tours are and how many freebies they dish out on the tour.   In honor of the 50th post I wanted to write a success story, something that I really enjoy, something decadent and delicious, something like Speculoos.  I stopped by the famous Waffles and Dinges truck in Lincoln center today to see how much a jar of their speculoos costs and I was shocked to see it costs more than 2x the amazing TJ’s brand at $7 a jar.  

I tested several ways to eat cookie butter (other than the beloved spoon in jar)

  1. Dip a dark chocolate bar in the jar- The chocolate overpowered the speculoos like a poorly made Reeses.
  2. Dip a pretzel in the jar- closer with the salty/sweet effect, but I still ended up licking the speculoos right off the pretzel.
  3. Spread on a popped rice crisp- I thought the crunchy crisp would be nice, but it is still more about the cookie butter
  4. Frozen- Now we are getting somewhere.  The problem is it is messy and hard to form into a ball before freezing
  5. Filled in a milk chocolate truffle- ah this is where I came up with my brilliant plan to make my own truffles with the cookie butter as the star ingredient.  The milk chocolate did not overpower the butter and it was great frozen
  6. Cookie turned cookie butter- this I found on pinterest but never attempted as it does not make sense to turn a cookie into a butter then back into a cookie… just buy the cookies to begin with

Speculoos Truffles


IMG_2536Pictures include pretzel/cheerio crumbs, frozen closeup, whole tray before freezing, and tray with chocolate drizzle.

Ice Cube Tray
1 jar of speculoos (I used crunchy) 
2 c cereal/ plain cracker (I used half pretzel half plain cheerios)
optional chocolate for drizzle

I did not want to change the flavor of the cookie butter, so I did not want to add butter or sugar like most recipes call for.  All I wanted was to thicken the batter and add a little bit of salt to the mix which is why I chose half pretzels.  I crushed the dry ingredients and mixed them into the cookie butter.  Then divided it among the ice trays and froze.  Then I added just a drizzle of dark chocolate so I did not overpower the flavor of the cookie butter.  I could not believe how much crunch is in each bite even after a day in the freezer, and they popped right out of the ice cube tray.  One of the things I am most proud about this recipe is the fact that the recipe is completely mine and just what is needed for the big five- oh!  This is something you can google and pinterest and find nothing quite like this simple gem.


50th Post and Speculoos. Truffle Style


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