It has gotten to the point where I will find any excuse to write about Trader Joe’s.  The thing about the store is that they do not have everything so it cannot be your sole grocery store.  For instance they do not carry marshmallows, or some spices such as turmeric, and they only carry fresh products in season.  Having said that there are certain items there that you can only buy at the store and replicas are just no good.  Today we will explore a savory and sweet option only sold at TJ’s.

Spinach and Kale Pie


I thought I would give this a shot as i tend to like their freezer options, and it would be a good thing to have on hand if a guest came over at the last minute.  Everything at TJ’s is priced well so I will not even go there.  The “pie” is a relatively healthy one as it is a creamy spinach filled filo dough.


good flavor, beautiful presentation right out of the oven.


It takes a long time to bake (45 minutes), not very good as a leftover, messy.

As far as taste is concerned I plan on getting this again, but as an appetizer for guests I would go with the spinach and kale bites as they are tasty and they are not messy at all, and have a shorter baking time.



This has been a phenomenon starting in 2007 which consists of a spiced shortbread cookie turned into a smooth butter or paste.  I have known about this “spreadable cookie” for a while but knew of nothing to do with it except spread it on a belgian waffle.  I have also never been a big peanut butter or Nutella fan and eating it by the spoonful sickens me.  I love the cookies on airplanes so I tried the Biscoff spread and was not impressed.  It had funny flavors and was not nearly as addicting as the TJ’s variety which now comes in crunchy.  It is in such a high demand that my local store only allows to buy two jars per customer…so I make sure to buy two every single time they are in stock.



I want to let this soak in before I tell you how I am concocting the butter into other forms.  It is simply divine.   Starting with the gold wrapper (Biscoff uses silver) to the bottom of the glass jar.  I managed to down my first jar by the spoonful so go ahead and eat at least one jar by spoon alone!

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Trader Joe’s Tuesday- Speculoos and Kale Pie


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