Whoa it has been nearly a week since posting and to say the least things have been a little crazy.  The highlight of my week was attending an event for Rosie’s Theater Kids kicking off the start of their 10th year.  It was a beautiful event in the penthouse apartment on the upper east side.  There was no wind and the weather, company, and private performances were all perfect.  The other perfect part of the evening were all  the dessert donations.


Thanks to the girls at JustDesserts NYC we had some great teats from Alice’s Tea Cup, Sprinkles, and The Treat House.  I loved having a fun NYC party that wasn’t full of fancy food I couldn’t decipher.  The best and most simple dessert were the buckeye balls the girls made.  Chocolate and peanut butter…it doesn’t get much more simple than that.



In honor of the girls simple creation, I wanted to post a cookie I made right before leaving my parents house in Ohio where I took the simple peanut butter cookie with Heath toffee bits (it is also the same recipe as the one on the back of the package).

IMG_2395Here is the dough.  Nothing special, but nothing wrong with simplicity like the buckeye balls.



And here they are all done.  Well they are almost done because I did underbake them quite a bit.  My favorite new trick while baking cookies is the use of parchment paper.  Go ahead and spend a few dollars on the product, it does wonders for cookies!



Fun, NYC, Sweets

Simple Saturday Rosie’s Theater Kids and Cookies


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