Well after a failed attempt to take a soufflé cooking class, I explored the city yesterday for the best almond croissant.  There is still a lot of research to be had, so that will come at a later date.  Now I know it is a thing for so many sites to have “Meatless Monday’s” but it just goes together so well.  When i was in Ohio we had so much fresh produce we struggled eating it all.  Look at all the garlic… that will last a lifetime!


I knew some type of “casserole” would be best to use up some of the ingredients we had without having to go out and but much.  I also LOVE making homemade pasta because most New Yorkers don’t have the necessary tools.  I used a basic pasta recipe of flour and eggs until I formed this dough which I divided into 8 balls (no they are not scones).  Then I used an attachment on the cuisinart to roll out the dough into sheets.

IMG_2337 IMG_2339

Now mom makes the best homemade lasagna so I did not want to make something similar that is not as good, so I decided to go for a more fresh light and summery lasagna.  I based my recipe off of the one on Cooking Lights website.  The main problem is that I did not have any ricotta or cottage cheese so I made up my own recipe that poses my next problem.  I did not write out the ingredients, so I am not sure what exactly went into the dish.  There were four layers repeated three times.


From my memory I sautéed onions in white wine spinach and stewed tomatoes as the base.  I honestly cannot remember much else in there other than garlic, salt, pepper, and basil added at the very end.





I used fresh mozzarella along with parmesan and gruyere all of which added great flavor I ended up not needing the ricotta.



It baked at 350 degrees for what was supposed to be an hour, but I was out of the house and left it in the oven an extra 25 minutes and loved it!  The best part is it freezes well so I will have a fresh veggie lasagna when I visit in October.



I want to get this posted before I can keep the title as Meatless Tuesday is just not as exciting.





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Meatless Monday- Zucchini and Pasta Lasagne


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