GOOD MORNING! Kathie Lee and Hoda have been on my mind a lot lately so it is only right that I honor them today in the post.  Two days ago I ran into Hoda walking her dog in my neighborhood, today is Kathie Lee’s birthday, they talked about my viral video on their show, and I am sitting here watching their show now!

Here are the links to those interested in my video.  The one below is what Hoda and Kathie had to say about it!

I am so thrilled to return to NYC where there are so many exciting things, exciting things like Trader Joes!  They have so many things i want to explore so slowly but surely, I will be testing products and giving my opinions.  The first is turkey bacon, now I know that this is nothing new or special, but my test is in its preparation.  On the package there are three ways of cooking and I decided to try all three to see what gave me the most optimum results.

Prep #1 Microwave

  • Pros:  Simple and quick (1 1/2 min for 2 slices)
  • Cons: No crisp

Prep #2 Stovetop

  • Pros: some crisp.  Can use the same pan to cook eggs after bacon cooks.
  • Cons: Must pay attention and constantly flip slices.

Prep #3 Oven

  • Pros: Clearly the best results.  Super crispy.  Do not need to flip bacon at all
  • Cons: It takes too long by the time the oven is preheated at 375 and bacon cooks for 15 minutes my eggs have been cold for way too long.

Results- As one can assume the best method is the oven, although I thought the frying pan was perfectly acceptable.  I was shocked there was a big difference in all three methods, but it really comes down to personal preference and pickiness.

I know it is hard to see a difference in the picture but trust me it is there.  The bottom is the microwave, middle is the frying pan method, and the top is from the oven.



That’s it from the 6X6 today have a great weekend!


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