New York restaurant week is in full swing here until the 16th and I thought it would be fun for my first time eating out to go somewhere really special.  After arriving at Lincoln restaurant in Lincoln Center, I found they do not take part in restaurant week for dinner.  Oh well the perfect excuse to go all out on a fabulous three hour dinner complete with fluke, fresh pasta with truffles shaved table side, halibut, homemade caramels, and much much more.  This is the kind of place you read about where the wait staff is highly trained and choreographically place and remove dishes before your eyes. It was such a great evening I did not have a chance to snap a picture so I just decided to take in every amazing moment of the evening.

Back to my real life of cooking.


Sometimes things do not work out as planned, well actually it happens more often than you think.  One dish I have never successfully cooked is pizza, even after buying a pizza stone.  I like a thin pizza that is nice and crispy so when you pick it up with your hands it holds its own.  This pizza looks great and is made with some of the finest mozzarella, fresh basil and tomatoes but turned out awful! I have tried pizzas on Naan and rolling out fresh dough, but never seem to have success.  I think pizza is just one of those dishes better made by the pros.

Then there are beet chips.  These are great right out of the bag of Terra chips, and all the recipes and reviews say how easy they are to make.  After slicing my finger open on the mandolin I successfully sliced the fresh beets.  I had to keep them in the oven forever and although most were crispy right out f the oven, they ended up chewy and gummy and eventually had to be thrown out.  This is another one you are going to want to stick with the factory made goodies!



Dining, Food, Fun, Ohio

Tragic Thursday TBT soggy pizza and beet chips


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