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Finding all things Free in NYC- Summer streets


I have so many recipes and creations in my vault but I have something much much more interesting and important for everyone to see.  My favorite event every summer happens here in NYC and is all free.  It is free of tourists, free of cars, and most importantly free of charge.  Every Saturday in August from 7AM to 1PM Park Avenue is closed to all traffic and open to the public to bike, run, skate etc down the street.  It extends seven miles and there are several rest stops along the way to get water, rent a bike or roller skates, go zip lining, take dance classes, and so much more.  I get so excited I wake up early for it and I still have to return next Saturday to finish the epic journey I started.  

It does take patience and one must be prepared with all of the necessities, but it is so worth it.

Survival Tips

  1. Wear sneakers– it is all about being active and there is a lot more to do if you are in the right clothes and feel like joining in on the fun.
  2. Bring an extra bag– yep this one is for all the freebies, but be prepared to wait in lines or arrive early
  3. Arrive hungry– some of the freebies will only last if eaten right away
  4. Commit to it– go for it wait in those lines, meet the local farmers, people watch, or simply turn on a podcast and go.



I started uptown where Banana Boat was stationed.  I had a Frozen banana- for breakfast, tons of free sunscreen (it’s sort of their thing) and I made a bottle of sand art (which I ended up throwing out because I do not have room for it).  There were other things to be had, but I had my sights set on the free picnic sponsored by Whole Foods.  This is what I remember from last year and they only stepped it up.  There were vendors all with bags and samples of many products sold at Whole Foods for free.  These are all the things I managed to get!


Some of the things include a granola bar, organic sweet tea, gardenlites muffins (I got 6 and already ate half), Udis gluten free items incluging granola, a muffin, a parfait, a granola bar, cheese, more cheese, apple, cereal, antibacterial wipes.  The list could have gone on and on.

There were a few other things that did not make it home like this Applegate Farms organic hot dog–yummm–and more tea.


Some of the things I did not have time or care for was a potted plant ( because I have no sunlight), balance bars, indian cuisine, milk, protein drinks, and beer samplings.

Oh and to top it all off I decided to go for all sorts of freebies as it is one of the most expensive cities in the world and get a free panera coffee as well as a godiva truffle just for being a member of their rewards programs.  



The verdict today is that this is just the best city in the world and there are so many great things to do here that are so much fun and completely free!!!!!!! Also i am very glad I painted my nails for these pictures.


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