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Subway Cookie Copycat- Recreating the perfect cookie

Well I am happily back in MY kitchen, the one that is just the right size, yes the six foot kitchen.  The only thing is that there are so many food ventures here I have yet to cook anything.  Has anyone heard of the beloved cronut? It made its first appearance in May and is a cross between the croissant and donut and requires one to wake up at 5AM to be one of the lucky 350 made daily.  I am determined to try one to figure out what all the hype is about although I cannot get myself up early enough to buy the $5 pastry.

I figured I would give Subway a salute today and I do not mean that mode of transportation use in this city, rather the fast food chain with the healthiest advertising and probably the unhealthiest, but best cookies in the world.  I did my research because I wanted to find the recipes to these suckers because to be quite honest I was irritated that they are the only cookies that are better than homemade.  I found in the list of ingredients the only difference is they use margarine instead of butter.  I tried a batch of chocolate chip cookies that way and they failed miserably.  I also found that they are Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and they come frozen which probably affects the baking process.

After buying and eating dozens of these cookies I found one thing.  They are simply underbaked.  Underbaked to the point where they need to sit on their baking sheets until cooled before boxing them.  Underbaked to the point where the edges are mysteriously crispy yet the middle is still able to hold its own.  Underbaked to perfection.  

Now I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and underbaked them by a minute and this was the result.  I think the best way to determine how underbaked they are is by flipping the cookie over.  These are actual subway cookies.

IMG_2081 IMG_2079

Look at how perfectly underbaked the Macadamia Nut cookie is! I personally think that the M&M cookie is a little overdone.

Now to my cookies


The science is too confusing as to what ingredients make a chewy, light, thin, and crispy cookie.  Since there are so many variations of ingredients, pans, ovens etc I thought I would look into only a few ideas.  First the oven temperature, but I did not get far as I found most are cooked between 325 and 375 degrees.  Second after making so many cookies I have learned that chilling the dough makes a big difference as well as using parchment paper to bake.  I usually use crisco in my cookie but these I went for plain old butter and used the most basic recipes on the back of the morsel packages.

The white chocolate chip cookies were puffy and raw looking when removing from the oven.


Then they fell to perfection and actually could have been cooked even less.

IMG_2217 IMG_2219


Next time you bake cookies and give my tips a try

  1. use parchment paper
  2. chill dough thoroughly
  3. UNDERBAKE THE COOKIES> can’t stress this one enough!

and for those who do not like to bake….just go to Subway (not McDonald’s they’re overcooked) and you will be a happy camper!



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