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Angel Cake Debate

I have been once again busy closing a show and traveling from Chicago then Ohio, and shortly I will be back in the big city where I belong.  As my last horrah in Sullivan I traveled to the nearby town of Decatur and spent an amazing day with my “adopted” parents baking for the cast.  A box of angel food cake sounds great right?!? Well It took three tries and realized we had to rely on good old Betty Crocker in the end.  


Looks good right? 


Well by that time we had already committed two cakes and there was still one in the bottom oven, so we turned down the heat and took it out a bit early.  Other than that the two cakes were prepared under the exact same conditions and one was a gummy burnt mess!  Take two was not so bad (at least it didn’t have to get thrown out).  The first mix had all the potential because it whipped up so light and fluffy with the egg white mixture before adding the flour mixture.  


We turned to betty to see if she makes a better cake.  Betty is all in one box and everything turned out great!

now we couldn’t stop there.  Combined a simple frosting of heavy whipping cream, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar and sliced it into three layers with an electronic cake knife.  Within only a few hours both cakes were gone!

IMG_2304Picture:Failed cake and same cake at lower temperature.  Below the box of Betty and a perfect cake.



Look at those layers.  Looks like there are a lot of ingredients and skill.  We used a whole quart of heavy whipping cream for each cake and eyeballed the rest.  Mary Ann and I have some of the same cooking techniques.  Hopefully I will follow in her footsteps and go on a cooking vacation next!



2 thoughts on “Angel Cake Debate

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  2. Thanks for following my blog 6 by 6! I love this. One of my “best selling” dessert recipes is a trifle consisting of layers of: baked Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix (crumbled), an entire package of oreos (crumbled in a food processor), a pint of freshly whipped cream, and 1 large box of jello chocolate pudding (prepared). I don’t really even consider that baking, but gets em every time!!! Nice work!

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