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Illinois Grand Finale- Cornish Hen Dinner Party

Well as the summer here in Sullivan comes to a bittersweet close, I have taken on the challenge of throwing a beautiful dinner party.  I have been slowly planning this all summer so the outcome will be revealed in the next post.  Thanks to having a beautiful house to host a dinner party and a little help from the amish, I had a huge success on my hands. Also when this is the dining room, at least the guests will be in awe of the amazing room.  It was all inspired by the owners time they spent in Japan.  Now I know what it is like to take better 


Prep Work

A dinner for ten is a lot more work than it seems.  Now I can understand why every big event I go to, I get mashed potatoes and overcooked chicken and veggies.  First we sat down and looked at cookbooks and recipes for hours.  It took a lot of brainstorming to cater to everyones needs (including two gluten-free members).  I was also concerned about cooking a fancy meal that was not too weird and plated beautifully.  


The Menu

We decided roasted cornish game hens were the answer because everyone could get their own bird.  Also a side of simple roasted carrots and potatoes is always a great pairing.  We also decided on quinoa as it is gluten free and something a little different than the ordinary stuffing or rice.  Instead of stuffing it in the bird, I stuffed it in a roasted red pepper to add color and it was easy to plate.  I was warned that you should never cook something for the first time at a dinner party as well so all of the recipes are either something I have cooked before, or very similar.  The only thing I have never made was cold cucumber soup.  It was a request of the host, so I decided to make it the day before so that if anything went wrong I had a day to recover.  Since it was summer we went for a simple peach crisp in individual ramekins with a scoop of vanilla ice cream ( I tried to make my own ice cream but failed to find anyone with an ice cream maker).IMG_2229



Stay tuned tomorrow for the recipes revealed!



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