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Betty’s Back- Brownie Diagnosis


Since yesterdays post was so long I figured to do a recipe roundup.  Boxed brownies are a great treat to whip up for a last minute outing, but I do love homemade brownies the best.  They are actually quite simple requiring only a few ingredients so it is in the best interest of the baker to whip up a batch from scratch.  The most annoying part is that they do take a while to bake some for nearly 55 minutes.

As a reminder the brownies were as follows: Semi sweet chocolate dipped and sprinkled brownie balls, peanut butter buckeye dipped brownie balls, peanut butter soda brownie, and powdered sugar and sea salt brownies.

Tips and tricks

1 Do not Overbake- I sound like a broken record, but that is the trick to most baking.

2. Cool Brownies- Cool them to at least room temperature before cutting.  I like it best when they have a chance to harden in the freezer for the extremely under baked batches.

3. Doctor it up- Go for it whether spicy, salty, or ooey gooey add in a mix in of any kind and people will think they are more special than they really are.

4. Full fat no marking- I have found that the diet coke cake was actually a good substitution, but when it comes to brownies stick to what the box says and don’t mess with other alternatives.

5.  Parchment paper- just use it. The brownies come out of the pan easily and no clean up is involved.

Although there were things I would change about all of the batches I made, it is a constant work in progress and everything seemed to taste good enough because it is home made (or at least semi-homemade)

Big Exciting things to come this week! A fancy final dinner party of the summer and a subway cookie standoff!


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