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Chopped Challenge Spaghetti Side

I have started to gain a reputation for contorting leftovers and others scraps into a meal or in this case a side dish.  My buddy Josh left a package of Trader Joe’s Garlic Aioli pasta, Tommy left a tomato, and the house I am living at received all the leftover hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages from the 4th of july picnic.  Now I know this is a much easier challenge than portrayed on TV, but it was still a free dish for me!IMG_2101

Not much to say about this one other than it made a delicious side dish.  I cut up the tomato and a link of Italian Sausage with some seasonings of salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Then I sautéed it all together with the pasta and a little olive oil in a pan.  I also added some stewed tomatoes from my “theater parents” and ate it with some spaghetti squash.

Mystery Ingredients

  1. Tomato
  2. Pasta
  3. Grilled Italian Sausage

I am also thrilled to finally have learned to use the great app Pic Stitch to make a collage of the pictures.  A little late to the trend, but I still think it’s pretty cool!



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