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Gnocchi Newbie- The 1 year dinner



I was nervous about this one so I prepped everything out on the table and woke up extra early to get started… a newbie to Gnocchi.  Well I have eaten it plenty, but never attempted to make them with the excuse being I do not have a ricer.  Well now my AMAZING “adopted” theater parents treated me to both a ricer and gnocchi roller so I started my research.  Also this goes to prove that even though you may not think you have time for a homemade meal it is possible with proper planning!

This is why I call this a year long dinner

Food Timeline

  • 1+ Years ago- Tomatoes were home grown then jarred and canned as spaghetti sauce (thanks to my “adopted” parents)
  • recently- home grown basil was frozen into ice cube trays. went strawberry picking and made homemade jam
  • 1 day prior- baked strawberry bars
  • morning before- made gnocchi
  • pre-plating prep- sautéed gnocchi in sauce. microwaved spaghetti squash. grilled chicken breast

Now back to the gnocchi.  I had to do my research beforehand because I was very nervous to cook something for the first time with the commitment of dinner plans.  If this failed I had no backup plan! The blogs online are so scary because most say they have made it several times and it comes out differently each time depending on the weather, flour, potatoes and the way they are all prepared.  The other thing is I didn’t have a scale to tell how much my flour and potatoes weighed.  

  • boil potatoes vs baking potatoes
  • 1 egg vs just a yolk
  • all purpose flour vs semolina flour
  • boil 30 min or boil 50 min
  • use a ricer for potatoes or mash them

the list goes on and on… I followed most closely with Mario Batali’s recipe as he is a great italian chef and I love Eataly and the TV show The Chew

I boiled 4 potatoes 40 minutes



then immediately peeled and riced them 



I added 1.5 cups of self rising flour as well as an egg to MOST of the potatoes



rolled that sucker into a ball then took rolled out smaller logs before cutting into bite size pieces



a friend Matthew was around to photograph my makeupless face



then I rolled out the bits on the ribbed board (they have a special shape for a reason I just forget why)



dropped them into the boiling water until they popped to the surface (1 minute) and the first batch was MUSH!


Good thing they are supposed to be made in batches because I added more flour to the second batch and I had great gnocchi pillows ( clearly the ones on the right are from the first batch).



My dinner with Lauren turned out to be a success.  Here we are putting it all together


and here is the finished product

IMG_1995 IMG_1996


Dinner and dessert for Lauren’s farewell to Sullivan!  Now that Lauren’s gone Mandy and I are already scheming some recipes together!



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