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Savory Spaghetti Squash- No More Sweets

Well sweets week did not turn out to like I thought with a grand finale to rival my favorite Subway cookie.  In spite of the fact it is national peanut butter cookie day and technically sweets week on 6 by 6, I am serving up some super healthy spaghetti squash.  If there is one thing I respect about Walmart it is the fact that they always have spaghetti squash.  It needs to be highlighted more often because by just adding whatever herbs (even dry), cheeses, sauces, and dressings you have a delicious side dish. Oh and do not bake it in the oven for hours I have the most simple way to make it with only a fork and butter knife.IMG_1814
First poke away with a fork just so that it does not explode in the microwave.
IMG_1815Pop it in there 5-7 minutes.  It should soften and bubble out the holes you previously poked. 
Cut it in half and if it is too hard pop it back in the microwave… no shame here. You will need a towel because it will be very hot!
IMG_1816Don’t forget to scoop out the pulp and seeds.  It easily separates from the sides.
IMG_1817 IMG_1818
Then scrape away with a fork and voila it looks like spaghetti.  Do not be fooled by all those health freaks who say it takes like spaghetti and eat it with meatballs or tofuball type things as it is not.  It is even better so explore and feel good about a healthy dish while I perfect cookie recipes in the meantime. 

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