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Mamma Knows Best- Award Winning Snickerdoodles

I think these should be renamed KLINGERDOODLES because although they are so simple, no one else’s snicks taste and look quite like these.  I do not think I have ever messed up this recipe, so the day after I butchered the thumbprints, I made these and realized I should stick to my favorite thumbprints from Akron’s West Point Market.  

The Secrets

  1. Use butter flavored crisco (don’t worry about how it is made or what is in it… it just tastes good) 
  2. Underbake the cookies (noticing a baking theme?) 




  • 1C Shortening ( I like butter flavored Crisco)
  • 1.5 C White Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • .5 tsp vanilla ( I like a little more)
  • 2.75 C Flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • .5 tsp salt
  • bowl of cinnamon sugar mixture to roll cookie balls in before baking



Beat the crisco and sugar together then add the rest of the wet ingredients before incorporating any dry.  



It will be a very thick batter, but just go with it.  It makes rolling them into balls and a mixture of cinnamon sugar easy.


Then bake at 400 degrees for 8 Minutes.  They will flatten slightly, but they hold their shape very well and should be like perfect pillows!

IMG_1887 IMG_1890


Oh they are so good I put some of the dough  in the freezer so I could have some fresh baked the next week, but it did not last through the weekend!

On another secret family recipe note the same weekend a good buddy of mine Matthew Glover made a batch of his family favorites just for me to test out.  His are peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and I think you all know how I feel about the combination of chocolate and peanut butter…just DIVINE.  After eating A LOT of the dough we decided to bake them.  here are both of us with our creations.  Although I do not know his secret recipe you have the award winning (Ohio Fair) KLINGERDOODLES so snick on!




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